About Store

Zuleeats was formally launched in the Fall of 2020 and is proud to bring the flavours of Ghana to Windsor-Essex! If you aren't familiar with where Ghana is, it's a beautiful tropical country off the coast of the Atlantic ocean in West Africa.

Zuleeats specializes in traditional Ghanaian savoury meat pies, but don’t let the name fool you! Filling options for pies include vegan and vegetarian, as well as beef and chicken. Each filling has a unique blend of mouth-watering seasoning and is enveloped in a flaky golden brown pastry.

In addition to meat pies, Zuleeats also offers sausage rolls and on the sweeter side offerings include butter tarts and almond rolls. Each of these treats are handmade, baked fresh and only the highest quality products are used.

Special orders for other Ghanaian treats or anything that you are craving are welcome too! Chef Zule is happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions including gluten free.