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  • Paul Konopaski
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    Hello and welcome to Pauly's Protein Balls.

      Here you'll find 10g whey protein isolate in each 30g protein ball.

    They come in 2 different flavours.

    Vanilla coconut 

    Chocolate chip 

    I use ground flaxseed,Scottish oats and whey protein isolate as a base in all the balls.

    Then I add the above individual flavorings 

    Why i use basic healthy ingredients?

    I do that because the simpler the  ingredient list is on any product the easier your body will absorb and digest the important nutrients in those products.

    I started Paulys because I saw there's a  void on the market for what I'm doing whole rich nutrition snack foods. 

    I thought the right thing to do was to do something about it and spread some awareness and prove you can make healthy snacks taste great without feeling guilty about eating them.

    I thought of making a healthy simple delicious protein ball that does and has what it says in it. Good ingredients good food good snacks.

    Paulys believes keeping the product simple. Made with whole fresh foods that taste great and are rich in nutrients. I'm not trying to make a bunch of money. I'm just giving people a safe healthy delicious snack food.

    It's great for pre and post workouts or just a good tasting on the go snack loaded with nutrients 

    I have a passion for putting my heart into every aspect of my business. I feel good about myself when i put my time in my products.

    I think you'll like it because its with the values my mom and dad raised me with hard work integrity and honesty.

    I hope you can join me on my mission on doing what's right...

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